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Greece & Greek Isles

Greece has been one of the worlds most popular destinations for centuries. In fact it was the subject of the world's first travel guide. Pausanius wrote his "Description of Greece" nearly 2,000 years ago and people have been discovering the majesty of Greece ever since. 

A land of startling contrasts. The thriving modern metropolis of Athens is watched over by the Parthenon , the ancient symbol of Greece for many. Rugged mountainous landscape suddenly becomes fertile, green valleys and ancient villages thrive happily next to modern tourist resorts. See where myths and legends were born and where our own history and culture was shaped and moulded. 

The majority of tourists come for the incredible beach resorts. With miles and miles of coastline and over 6,000 islands dotted around it's coast Greece has a lot of beaches to choose from: from large sandy stretches, to hidden coves and rocky hideaways. It helps that Greece is bathed in sunshine so much of the year so, finding your own Greek hideaway is easier than you think. 

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